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As video has exploded over the last decade, so has the number of people and production companies making video. With more options than ever, hiring a team to create your next video has never been more exciting and complicated at the same time. The people you choose will have a dramatic effect on the end product, and a little knowledge on how to hire the right company for your needs will help set you up for success. 

What is a video production company? 

On the surface it’s a simple question, but the answer covers a range from single freelancer to large-scale production house. And not everyone does every part of the video process. 

In general, a video production company is one that specializes in the creation of video through the production, shooting, and editing of the video. Some choose to only do part of the process, such as just producing and shooting the video. Some production companies are just 1-3 people at all times. While other companies will have both full-time staff and a crew of 30-50 or more people during shoot day(s). 

BX Films is a concept-to-completion video production company, meaning we do it all. We help clients come up with concepts and scripts for their video — something many production companies don’t do — then implement it all the way through, from pre-production to shooting and editing, to make sure the concept you were dreaming of is the video you end up with. 

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Tips for finding and hiring a video production company 

After being in the biz a while and seeing some of the stutter steps that happen with new clients, here are some of our top overall tips for finding a great video production company. 

Don’t rely only on the demo reel

A company’s demo reel is a great snapshot of their style, breadth of experience, and overall capabilities. But it’s also important to look at full videos to evaluate how well they engaged, informed, and motivated the audience. Just like you can’t judge a movie by the trailer, you can’t fully evaluate a production company by its demo reel. 

Don’t compromise vision for your budget

Make sure you work with a video production company who can bring the best version of your unique vision to life within the budget you have. Sometimes, a different creative strategy can bring the budget in line with your vision on an efficient budget. At the same time, be aware that premium video requires premium budgets, and it can often take more resources to create what you want than what you may expect. 

Shop around

Video is one area where you’re likely to get a range of costs depending on the company you work with. It pays to get estimates from multiple production companies as well as explanations of what you get for the price. And don’t just settle for a quote, make sure you understand the full quote and everything in it. The video production company’s approach, and the confidence in which they respond, will tell volumes.

Make sure they are reputable 

In addition to making sure they’re licensed, it’s important to go with a company with solid reviews (we recommend looking at Google and Clutch). You may even consider reaching out to past clients for references. While working with freelance video producers is always a budget-friendly option, it’s a big risk for brands who need their content to perform the first time around. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been approached by people who tried a cheaper solution, that ended up wasting precious time and budget, and didn’t solve the challenges they were hoping.

Make sure they have advanced equipment 

We don’t expect you to be able to spout off the differences between a RED and ARRI camera, but it helps to take a look at their website and social channels to see what a shoot looks like and what equipment they’re using. It’s a rare case where your video benefits from having “shot on iPhone” in the credits. RED? ARRI? iPhone? We’ve got ‘em all. 

The best questions to ask before hiring a video production company

The most important questions to get answered are yours. But allow us to suggest some questions that will help you get the clearest view you can of the company, their process, and how the relationship might go. 

Do they handle projects from concept to completion?

Remember, not every company can or will do all parts of the video production process. Make sure that if you need ideas and scripts from the beginning, they can handle it without outsourcing. 

Are they collaborative? 

Make sure that you’ll have input in every step of the process. We believe it’s critical to have the client’s voice throughout the entire production, and even physically present on shoot day(s) if you’re up for it. It makes for a better video that’s right in line with the client’s goals and vision.

How long does a video take from start to finish? 

Based on capacity, scheduling, staff, and talent, every video production company will have different average timelines. And if you need a video in a hurry, some companies will be able to rush it, and some won’t. For example, at BX we say 6-8 weeks, but for one client who needed a quick turn, we created an entire national broadcast commercial from concept to completion, in just 17 days. 

What is their process?

A good video production company can get you a finished video. A great one knows exactly who, what, when, where, and how they do it through a defined process. Ask this question to see how well they know they’re own process and get informed on the process yourself.

The Steps in Hiring a Video Company

Here’s a brief rundown of the steps to take in hiring your next video production company. 

Step 1 – Search for video companies

Searching for local companies means you can be a bigger part of the process, but opening up your search nationally or even globally means you can find someone who’s a great fit regardless of location. 

Step 2 – Get several quotes

As mentioned, video quotes come in a wide range, so make sure you ask around to get a better sense of how companies are estimating your project. 

Step 3 – Discuss your video visions

This is likely the most important step. Find someone who doesn’t just hear your vision, but truly understands it and has great ideas for implementing it. 

Step 4 – Ask for examples 

Make sure you see plenty of work from the video company itself to get a sense of their style and capabilities. And ask for examples of other videos they think would be great references for the video you’re trying to create. 

Step 5 – Get a proposal

Make sure to get all the details about what you’re getting so surprises don’t creep up later. 

Step 6 – Sign and celebrate

Sign the agreement — it protects both parties — and then get excited for your next creative project with a chosen partner. 

Need a hand with your company marketing video? 

We can move your brand forward with video. Get a quote from the best video production company in the Bay Area

Final thoughts on how you can hire the best video production crew for your needs

Ultimately, you’re not looking for a production company, you’re looking for a creative partner. Anyone can produce a video, but it takes a unique skill set to be able to ideate concepts and follow through and deliver those ideas in a well-crafted, professional video. Ask all the questions and see who your company vibes with. 

At BX, we love to collaborate with our clients through the entire process, concept to completion. If you’d like a quote, or just get to know us and ask your questions, we’d love to hear from you. 

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy is the intellectual funnel of the team, taking BX’s big ideas and distilling them into strategies, concepts, scripts, and articles. Jeremy’s diverse background includes a degree in philosophy, years as a financial planner, Notre Dame Law School, working on the ground floor of a new SaaS product and years at a full-service marketing agency doing work for regional, national, and global brands. All that comes together at BX to push our brand forward and capture the essence of the brands we work with — whether it’s scriptwriting, concepting, or strategy
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