High-End Testimonial Video Production

Lend authenticity to your brand.

Create lasting impact with testimonial videos

Show people your brand in the light of those who know and love you most through compelling, testimonial-style storytelling. When it comes to video, perhaps nothing is more impactful than a testimonial when potential customers are considering investing in what your brand offers.

Testimonial Videos To Move Your Company Forward


Testimonial videos don’t always have to be your standard, often stale, sit-down interviews. In fact, there are many advantages to producing a more enhanced live-action-style testimonial video. It allows for more creative flexibility and a richer story for potential customers to imagine themselves within, to name a couple.

That’s exactly what we did for the popular secondhand apparel app Poshmark, creating full-blown creative commercials for their testimonial videos.

To target different audiences at different points in their journey with Poshmark, we produced four testimonial videos that each target a different demographic. Focusing on Gen Z (both English and Spanish), Millennial, and male audiences, each with their own spin, all showed how both buying and selling on Poshmark fit perfectly within their lives.

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Alpine is proving that radical investment in people yields radical success in business. They came to us needing a careers video that captures their unique approach to private equity, the founders vision for the company, and a work culture that invites the potential employee to imagine themselves thriving there. We wove together interviews, shots of San Francisco, the office, and the employees to create something special that their team could be proud of. Ultimately, we crafted a video that would entice the right people to join the organization.

We showed the video to the firm on Monday and the phrase I heard most was ‘wow I’m ready to run through walls.’ Everyone loved it and was so impressed with your work. [Our President] also emailed me in all caps saying how great it was. So, mission accomplished.

Audrey Harris, Head of Marketing

Our Testimonial Video Production Process


We generate several unique high-level ideas that give you a taste of different videos we could produce.


We write the full script and go back and forth with you to get it just right.


All the planning. We find locations, scout talent, design the shoot locations and sets, get permits, and much, much more.


In other words, shoot day(s)! This is when we direct and capture all the live-action footage we need for the video. As a client, join us on set to see all the magic come to life.


We put in the work on the back end to wrap everything up, including editing, sound design, motion graphics, and/or animations.

Let your customers tell your story

Research has shown that once someone is aware of your brand and has started to consider it in a real way, they seek out the opinions of others who have worked with you or bought your products. It’s the exact time that the sales iron is hot and ready for a strike with your testimonial video.

A testimonial lends your brand more authenticity and credibility at the same time that it delivers more information about your product or service. The two things your audience needs most in the consideration stage. And while many testimonials simply get the job done, your video can pull your audience deeper into your story and delight them at the same time.

Testimonial Video FAQ:

A great testimonial video invites your audience to imagine what it would be like to have a delightful, even transformative, experience with your brand.

Average testimonial videos tend to be a lot of “talking heads.” They feature real people’s voices, but often without a broader narrative or compelling theme that ties all the sound bites together. A great testimonial video allows people to talk about your company in their own words, edited together in a compelling narrative arc, while the video delivers a captivating visual story.

There are countless ways to do that, through live-action, animation, interviews, b-roll, and more. But a great testimonial is less about exactly how it’s produced, and more about how well your brand’s story is told.

Beyond the four Poshmark testimonials above (see the case study here), we showed people what it’s like to use Treehouse, an online coding platform, through the lens of one school successfully implementing it for their students. For Generation Investment Management, we created several testimonials that told the stories of several companies in its portfolio through the lens of its founders. Pivot is one of those stories. 

At its most basic, a testimonial video can be produced through a combination of interviews and onsite B-roll, which involves a single day of filming and relatively simple editing. If you’re adding in animation, constructing a set, using paid actors, or traveling offsite that changes the calculus. On average, BX testimonial videos start at $25K and go up to $150K.

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