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Explainer Videos that Engage

Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to move your audience down the funnel to encourage a sale. Showcase your product or service while sinking your message into the viewer’s psyche in a way only video can.

Explainer Videos To Move Your Company Forward


Part explainer, part “good excuse to drop some poop jokes,” this video for Stall-Mates doesn’t shy away from talking about the kind of messes their wipes were made for.

The good people at Stallmates produce flushable wipes that are as effective as they are eco-friendly. So when they came to us with a script idea that leans into their subject matter with bathroom humor, we were stoked to say “abso-fartin-tootly!” We loved working with them from editing their existing script, to a full day shoot in a bathroom, to editing the final cut.

The result is a video that revels in peaches and ice cream jokes while giving the full scoop on these top-notch flushable wipes.

Their experience showed throughout every part of the project, from scriptwriting to directing. Their team was extremely communicative, listened to our suggestions, and delivered on time. It was a great experience from start to finish.

Kevin Corey,, Co-Founder & President, GREVIN Products, Inc.

Our Explainer Video
Production Process


We generate several unique high-level ideas that give you a taste of different videos we could produce.


We write the full script and go back and forth with you to get it just right.


All the planning. We find locations, scout talent, design the shoot locations and sets, get permits, and much, much more.


In other words, shoot day (s)! This is when you can join us (if you want) as we bring the magic to life and capture all the live-action footage we need for the video.


We add more magic on the back end to wrap everything up, including editing, sound design, motion graphics, and/or animations.

Animation and
Motion Graphics

Animation and motion graphics can provide an extra punch for explainer videos, or be the entire show. Often, it’s much easier to communicate certain ideas or details through animation. Other times (thought not always) a simple animation video can be a great tool in addition to being budget-conscious. And even if it’s a live action video, graphics can provide additional visual information without interrupting the narrative. Each case is different so we always evaluate how it fits into the overall strategy for your video.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Brand Video FAQ:

A good explainer video informs, and a great explainer video informs in a way that engages.

We’ve all seen an explainer that’s informative yet dry, and five minutes later, you’re struggling to remember what it was about. An effective explainer video can run anywhere from fifteen seconds to two minutes or longer and still hold an audience’s attention.

The best explainers land in the sweet spot of engaging and informational. They might clearly explain a problem in a way that makes you crave the solution before telling you how their product does just that. They may tell a story that gets you invested in the characters, and by extension, the product. Or it may just be so funny you’re waiting for the next punchline. There are lots of ways to engage, the most important thing is to find the best path to sell your unique product or service.

Both are focused on the product or service you offer, and will sell the high-level value prop(s). An explainer video typically goes deeper, selling not just the main UVP, but informing the audience in more detail about how it works and the problem it solves. It will also usually explain at least some of the product functionality, and seek to anticipate some of the more in-depth questions that potential buyers might have.

We love it when an explainer can be both entertaining and informative, which is what we did for LARQ, the company behind the new LARQ Pitcher. For insurance company Trōv, we wanted to show how their unique approach to insurance works in the real world. Through a combination of live action and animation we were able to show and tell how they work. An entirely 3D animation video, our tongue-in-cheek explainer about video production actually goes overboard on explanation, but in a fast-paced, eye-catching way. 

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