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LARQ is the San Francisco tech startup who invented the LARQ Bottle — a self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV-C light to eradicate bacteria. After the bottle’s huge success, LARQ then set its innovative sights on the water pitcher, and reinvented it. To launch the new product and get buy-in from the beginning, LARQ turned to BX to produce a killer Kickstarter video. It needed to be instantly captivating and entertaining, yet explanatory enough to get new tech buyers to back the project. BX and LARQ collaborated to create a unique video that’s fresh, fun, and informative. And that LARQ Kickstarter? It was funded in three. minutes. flat.

They understood what we were looking for and it was easy to work with a team that has a similar vision as the brand.

yvonne young
Yvonne Young, Director of Marketing

Product Video Production Process


We generate several unique high-level ideas that give you a taste of different videos we could produce.


We write the full script and go back and forth with you to get it just right.


All the planning. We find locations, scout talent, design the shoot locations and sets, get permits, and much, much more.


In other words, shoot day (s)! This is when you can join us (if you want) as we bring the magic to life and capture all the live-action footage we need for the video.


We add more magic on the back end to wrap everything up, including editing, sound design, motion graphics, and/or animations.

Effective Video Ads, for All Marketing Channels

Product videos are marketing videos you’ll want to splash everywhere, because they tend to be effective across a wide range of channels. At the top of your new product page, across social media, on traditional and connected TV, or your launch event, there’s no limit to where you can use product videos.

At BX, we always design your video project with that objective in mind, making sure we know everywhere you plan on using the video so we can give you several (sometimes even dozens of) options. Different runtimes and aspect ratios will give you the range to make your video look its best and meet the requirements of whatever channel you’re marketing in. Most importantly, we’ll make sure the story we’re telling is creative and effective for your audience, wherever they encounter the video.


Product Video Production FAQ:

A good product video explains what your product does and the problem it solves. A great product video hooks the viewer with its most compelling story — whether that’s highlighting its most competitive feature, solving a problem no one else has solved, or its sleek design. Our job as a product video company is to help you determine the most compelling story that can be told and put it on screen for your audience to see.

Sometimes an explainer video is exactly what you need. Beyond LARQ (see above), we produced an entertaining explainer for Stall-Mates that goes all in on bathroom humor. For Narwal, we decided that the best move was to show super slow-motion, super close up messes being made for Narwal to clean up. And sometimes, you just need a gorgeous lifestyle video, like the work we did for Fellow.

Just like there are countless types of product videos, there’s a wide range of costs. If you want to shoot a cinematic-quality video in multiple locations over multiple days, it’s going to cost you significantly more than, say, a one-day shoot in a studio with a simpler storyline. And likewise, a huge crew on a studio set for multiple days would cost more than a simple single shoot day at a rented location. So the story and video quality are two of the biggest factors when it comes to cost.

Currently, our marketing videos range from $25K-400K. Of course, there are a lot of different factors that help to be flexible with the cost, depending on our clients wants and needs. If you want to go big, we can go big, if you want to cut costs, we can cut costs. As always, it’s a collaborative effort.

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