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Inspiring video comes from inspired work.


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Inspiring video comes from inspired work.

For a video to capture attention, or move someone emotionally, it takes more than just skill behind the camera or professional editing. It takes inspiration. And not just that, it takes inspiration at every stage.

There’s a unique thing that happens when all the elements of a video — scripting, acting, editing, music, etc. — are individually at their best and tuned in to the same original idea for the video. The whole project becomes bigger, better, and more compelling.

So how do we do it?

Mostly, it comes down to intentionality — actively spurring creative ideas with every point in the process. That can mean brainstorming, group ideation, thoughtful critique, editing, editing, and more editing, or all of the above for just one portion of the video. Above all, making sure that the same thread that inspired us at the beginning, is woven through every part.

It starts from the moment we start talking about the project you’d like to do, before you, the client, even sign on the dotted line. Our goal is to create inspired work for every client, regardless of style, topic, or even budget, so we want to know right away what your vision is for the video(s) and what the constraints are that we have to work in. Will this be more cinematic or look more organic? Humorous or more direct? These boundaries actually help us be more creative since we’re coming up with inspiration that fits within your goals.

Then the fun really gets going.

From there we dream big, dream bigger, then shape those dreams into real, executable concepts.

From there we dream big, dream bigger, then shape those dreams into real, executable concepts. It’s a team effort that requires all of our key players – Executive Producer, Creative Director, Art Director, and Strategist to create a vision we all think works from different vantage points. Once we’re there, we put the vision to paper to demonstrate what we’re thinking.

Now you’ve got options.

At this point, we’ll have put enough color to the vision that you can start to see how these concepts will eventually come to life. This can be an active conversation where you get help shape what the video will be.

Now, a flurry of activity happens, that all needs to be working toward the same conceptual end. Ideal shooting locations are chosen, actors are selected who fit the energy and look we want, sets are designed that will push the ideas even further, and a larger team is hired — people we think would be perfect to realize this unique vision.

Then, of course, the big day. Shoot day.

Again, you get to be involved to help shape the video with us. Many decisions are made in the moment, little things you could never have anticipated, or things that simply need to made on instinct and on location. And while shooting isn’t editing, you’ll start to get a great feel for how this thing is shaping up.

Even after all of that (we know right?) a ton of exceptionally critical work needs to be done. Work that will make or break the vision, and by default, any hope of inspiration. Here’s where we take the elements we need and actually create something worth watching. Something worth laughing over, crying over, or doing something about.

And it’s these little things that matter more than you think.

And it’s these little things that matter more than you think. Whether the colors create the right scene, if the music is too much, or sets the right tone, and whether the cuts keep the viewer moving forward in the ways we want them to. It all needs to be, dare we say again, inspired to make the video exceptional. A combination of skill, art, and vision needed to move people through film.

Then you get the rough draft. (Wait, it’s still not done?)

It might not be 100% done, but when you watch it, you should feel something. Excitement, joy, sadness, hope — the thing we were aiming for in the first place. If something doesn’t feel quite right, or there are things to add or take out we’ll chat about those. Then we take all of that and make the final touches.

Now, the video — the rocket launcher of inspiration aimed at your target audience — is in your hands!

Most video production companies are done here. The video gets shipped off along with the invoice. And sure, we can do that, too. But what we would love? Is to help take that inspiring thing we just made and help you use it in the ways and places that would have the best shot of getting in front of people and actually inspiring them. It’s another way we can collaborate with you to move the world forward.

Have a project in mind? We’d love to start the process.

Just want to chat a little bit and explore options? Let’s do it.


Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders