Work Commercial

Video typeOmnichannel Commercial
Agency – Direct to Client
Executive Producer – Ben Sanders
Director – Ben Sanders
Producer – Vanessa Sanders
Art Director – Gabrielle Lutze
DP – Donavan Sell Commercial Project Details

There’s a better way to coupon these days, and it doesn’t involve scissors or standing at the register for hours. The app gives savvy shoppers a way to easily save money on hundreds of items, wherever they shop. But not every couponer knows about how rad app really is. That’s where we came in.

We wanted to highlight the app as the next evolution of couponing, and for that we came up with the Couponing Hall of Fame. Watch as our champion couponer revisits her family’s previous successes in couponing before claiming her own legendary status by using the app. It’s a fun way to engage with what couponing has meant to so many people, while giving it our own spin. And yes, it WAS a blast to dream up and shoot all of these scenes. We love it when a client is fun and creative alongside us!

Behind the Scenes Photos