LARQ Product Video

Video type: Explainer Video / Product Launch Video
Agency: Direct to Client
Executive Producer: Ben Sanders
Director: Ben Sanders
Producer: Vanessa Sanders
Art Director: Myles Neith
DP: Trevor Hooper

LARQ Product Video Project Details

LARQ is the San Francisco tech startup who invented the LARQ Bottle — a self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV-C light to eradicate bacteria. Massively successful, LARQ turned its innovative gaze to the water pitcher, and reinvented it from the bottom up. To launch the new product and get buy-in from the beginning, LARQ turned to BX to produce a killer Kickstarter video. It needed to be instantly captivating and entertaining, yet explanatory enough to get new tech buyers to back the project. BX and LARQ collaborated to create a unique video that’s fresh, fun, and informative. And that LARQ Kickstarter? It was funded in three. minutes. flat.

Behind the Scenes Photos