Lume Cube

Video type – Digital Commercial
Agency – Direct to Client
Executive Producer – Ben Sanders
Director – Ben Sanders
Producer – Vanessa Sanders
Art Director – Ben Sanders
DP – Dustin Miller

Lume Cube Project Details

Lume Cube had just gone through a rebrand, sales were hitting all-time highs, and they wanted to continue fueling that opportunity. They had produced product-focused explainer videos, testimonials, reviews, and unboxings before, but it was time to level up their videos to start telling higher-level, brand-focused stories.

BX and Lume Cube came up with a concept to bring all the unique ways people use their Lume Cube products over video conferencing together into a single narrative. This video captures remote video conferencing in an intimate, compelling way that brings to light the many reasons we video chat with one another — to work, to connect, to learn, to succeed.

Behind the Scenes Photos