Video type – Careers Video
Agency – Direct to Client
Executive Producer – Ben Sanders
Director – Ben Sanders
Producer – Beau Walchek
DP – Ben Sanders / Myles Neith / Beau Walchek

VSCO Project Details

VSCO is about more than the development of their popular app. It’s a group of creators, visionaries, and artists working on a global creative platform. To truly understand what it’s like to work there, you need to understand their ethos, work culture, and see the aesthetic of their space. 


VSCO came to us to capture all of that in a two-minute video, which they used to recruit new employees to their unique organization. A culture video was just what they needed, in order to attract like-minded people that could see themselves contributing to the creative culture VSCO has formed. 


To do it, we started in Oakland, to show the broader context in which the company resides. Filming in the city, where the sun hits off the towers of glass all around and shadows abound, is at times a challenge, but results in setting just the right artistic tone. Once inside the building, concrete, steel, and glass come together for a stunning background to VSCO’s artistic endeavors. As we hear about their work, their people, and their vision, we watch the community work together to solve creative problems. 


The challenge of a culture video is always to find the right voice and tone, one that matches the company, rather than coming in with our own sense of style or vision. Immersing into VSCO’s culture allowed us to do exactly that, producing a video that effortlessly shows off their culture in their own voice and style.

Behind the Scenes Photos