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When was the last time you attended a cybersecurity training session where you weren’t bored to death? If you’re coming up with nothing, you’re not alone. 

But Rachel Tobac, popular ethical hacker and founder of SocialProof Security, is completely changing the game. 

BX Films is working with Tobac to produce a dozen(ish) videos that are decidedly not your typical corporate security training sessions. 

A country-western song about phishing you can line dance to, an 80’s-era pop song about not getting hacked are already out. And the videos are getting noticed. 

After Tobac posted a trailer for the videos, dozens of companies reached out immediately. And even CNN picked up the story:

“Watching SocialProof’s music video about how to avoid phishing attempts shows the results: It’s cheesy, with its country-western tune, cowboy-hat-and-boots-wearing singer, and choreographed line dances in an office. But it’s also toe-tappingly fun and, occasionally, catchy (and yes, it includes some basic facts about avoiding falling for a phishing scam)” the article stated.

Two more music videos produced by BX are coming soon: a song about not oversharing that channels Carly Rae Jepsen vibes, and an alt 90’s Beck style tune about keeping your passwords under lock and key. Stay tuned!

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Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller

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