Case Study

Poshmark Commercial

Poshmark Commercial Specs:

Video Type: Poshmark Brand / Testimonial Videos
Agency: BX Films
Executive Producer: Ben Sanders
Producer: Vanessa Sanders
Art Director: Gabrielle Lutze
DP: Phil Briggs

Poshmark Commercial Project Details

Millions of people already use Poshmark, but not everyone is familiar with all the ways you can buy, sell, and engage with the Poshmark community. The popular second hand social platform wanted to use video to enhance both engagement and awareness of everything that Poshmark does. 

To target different audiences at different points in their journey with Poshmark, we produced five unique videos — one brand spot and four testimonial videos that each target a different demographic. 

One special thing about this project was that we did LOADS of creative concepts at the beginning. This is actually very fun for us. We always love a creative back and forth with the client, because we’re always up for a creative brainstorm and the more we can generate concepts and get honest feedback, the more confident everyone becomes. And that makes for a better end product. 

For the brand video, we brought the idea of a “revolving closet” to life — where you can shop different Poshmarker users’ closets for their style, then sell items you’ve used to keep your closet and house fresh. To do that, we built a detailed set with a moving closet so we could quickly, physically swap out full closets, giving our lead character for the video the ability to literally shop different, unique closets. 

The testimonials focused on Gen Z (both English and Spanish), Millennial, and male audiences, each with their own spin, but all focused on how both buying and selling on Poshmark fit perfectly within their lives.

Poshmark ads aired on national broadcast, connected TV, and social media channels. In fact, not only did BX provide the 5 videos for traditional media, but did an additional 30 alternates to give Poshmark different video lengths and aspect ratios for whatever medium they’re using.

Behind the Scenes Photos