Types of Videos To Grow Your Business

Here, we’re giving you a flyover of some of the different types of videos we use to create a powerful tool for our client’s marketing efforts


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For every marketing strategy, there’s a type of video that can elevate it to perform even better, whether it’s a product launch, brand campaign or recruiting push. Some video types are obvious, like creating a product video for your product launch. Others aren’t always used as often, such as a culture video for your recruiting efforts. And sometimes you’ve got options. Will you use a product, explainer, demo, or review video to market your new product, or a combination? 

Here, we’re giving you a flyover of some of the different types of videos we use to create a powerful tool for our client’s marketing efforts. Just knowing your options can be a huge step forward on the journey to creating your next video. 


Video Stats for Business

Video hasn’t been around forever, but at this point, it’s become one of the best tools for marketing your business

72% said they would rather learn about a product or service by video. A Renderforest Survey found that Videos help businesses increase brand awareness by 70%. In another study, 86% of video marketers said that video helps them generate leads. And Unbounce found that a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. In other words, video is an effective tool at every point in the consumer journey!

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Types of videos

We’ve rounded up the main types of video that companies typically use to grow their business, as well as when and where to use them in your marketing strategy. Of course there are more types of videos, but we’ve found these to be especially effective for our clients. 

Brand Videos

Brand videos focus less on specific products or services and aim to create awareness about the brand and its unique story. 



Cisco Meraki

When and where to use brand videos

Brand videos are great at creating awareness and energy around your brand. Especially if your brand is new, has undergone a significant change recently, or is getting drowned out by competitors. To broadcast your message widely, you can use a brand video on your website, as an online ad, as a connected tv ad, or on social media. It can also be powerful in more targeted ways as well, such as at an event, in a pitch to a client, or as a sales tool.


Explainer Videos

The goal of these videos is to give viewers a deeper-than-surface-level understanding of your product or service at the same time you’re making a compelling case to buy. 


Meraki GO 

Cisco Systems

When and where to use Explainer videos

Explainer videos can vary from short and salesy to longer and more explanatory. Use explainers as a commercial when you believe a brief, exciting explanation of your product will generate strong interest. Other times, you’ll want a longer video that goes into more depth when other videos are doing the work at the top of the funnel, and in-depth knowledge of your product or service will likely help clinch the sale. 


Demo Videos

Even further down the funnel than explainer videos, demo videos walk viewers through a demonstration and explanation of how to use a particular product. 


Cisco Spark

When and where to use demo videos

Demo videos are perfect for your clients just before or after they purchase your product or service. Use them to give potential customers a deeper understanding of what you offer, and show off your product/service in greater detail. After purchase, demos can help onboard new customers and educate them. It also shows that you’re invested in them throughout their customer journey, not just in making the sale. 


Event Videos

Whether it’s a speaker intro, a hype video to kick off an event, or video that runs in the background at a display, there are numerous ways to use video at your next event. 




When and where to use event videos

The bigger the event, the more advantageous a video can be. It can set the tone before giving a presentation, reel people in to your booth in a crowded space, or share the event on social media. You can also use it to market the event beforehand and capture leads afterwards. Pro tip: since an event is a fixed date, starting the video process well in advance is a must. We recommend 3-4 months before the event to start planning with a video production company. 


Animated Video Styles

Animation can be used to give a video a unique visual style, demonstrate things that would otherwise be hard to do in the real world, display information, or add energy to a live-action video. 



BX Films 

When and where to use animated style videos

Animation becomes a necessity if you want to show off your product but don’t have a working or final model yet. It’s often the case with product launches, as videos are shot well ahead of time to be ready for the launch but need to work with the product in the video. Animation can also be great for lower-budget videos to save money on the higher cost of live action. Of course, if you want to invest in high-quality animation, you can produce a video that offers a unique, creative style and sets your brand apart.


Testimonial Videos

Customer or employee testimonials can be an effective way to market your product or company. It adds credibility and authenticity to your brand in a way that’s both genuine and compelling.  




When and where to use testimonial videos

Testimonials are ideal for the consideration stage, once a prospect is aware of what you offer and is weighing whether to buy or not. Testimonial videos are a way of leveraging outside opinions and experiences so that buyers feel that they aren’t only relying on your sales tactics to make their own choice. In the nonprofit space, testimonials are perfect for showing the impact your organization is having in the lives of real people. 

Need a hand with your company marketing video? 

We can move your brand forward with video. Get a quote from one of the Bay Area’s top video production companies

Company Culture Videos

Showcase your work culture, brand vision, and entice future employees to apply to your organization. 




When and where to use company culture videos

Clients often use this type of video to entice prospective employees. And company culture videos are perfect for that. They give potential employees a look into the inner workings, values, and environment of a company better than other mediums. And often, an added benefit of a culture video is the pride current employees feel after watching. Seeing themselves and the people they work with in a quality video that captures their company’s ethos can be priceless. 


Live Action Videos

Either shot in a studio or on location, live-action videos are ones that shoot live footage on camera, as opposed to animation or motion graphics. A commercial shoot is often 1-3 days and involves production, including set design, lighting, cameras, directing talent, and more. There’s truly no end to how you can use live action videos to create compelling content. 





When and where to use live action videos

Live action videos are our go-to when it comes to producing video. You can do most of the other types of video using live action and it’s a great way to tell a story. Humans are wired to respond to real people and faces which creates an emotional connection to the video and your brand. 


Final thoughts

Choosing the type(s) of video that are best for your organization’s goals and video marketing strategy is no small task. But the good news is that no matter what you decide, we’re confident you’ll discover video as essential to your efforts. Even if you’re not ready to produce a video quite yet, we’re always happy to walk through your strategy and lend our experience and expertise to find the right video for you. And if you have decided we’d love to talk about how we can do something great together. 

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