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Video Production San Francisco

We create videos that tell pioneering stories — from emerging tech to the great outdoors.

We’re a nimble San Francisco video production company helping brands and organizations push the world forward. Through new ways of reaching your audience, and being an integral part of the process all the way from concept to consumer, we help create a different future. 


Companies That Trust Us With Their Video Production Needs

“We absolutely crushed every YouTube metric that the YouTube team gave us. To this day, Google uses this project as a case study for the Google TrueView for action, or YouTube for Performance, team. BX Films was great. They had a very collaborative team and absolutely knocked the creativity side of things out of the park.”

–Andrew Cain, Former Head of Digital Marketing for Libratone

Video partnerships for making rad videos

Product Videos

Tell a story as compelling and world-changing as your product or service.

Brand Videos

Share your journey with the world through a compelling brand film that captures your unique vision.

Agency Partnerships

Wherever your agency is going, bring experienced video partners along with you.

“BX executed the brief better than we thought was possible. Our client was extremely pleased with their team’s work. They thought that the ad was beautifully shot and showcased their product well. Defend as much budget as you can because BX already brings so much to the table on a restricted budget. They could bring much more with any incremental funds that you could offer.”

–Senior Broadcast Producer, Duncan Channing

Adding value through inspired video production

Start exploring

With every client, we start right away. We get to know them, give them ideas, and show them who we are, too. Many companies wait for the ink to dry on the contract. We don’t even wait for the contract. It’s the way we love to work, and time and time again we’ve seen it make everybody feel good about the process.

Go further

Whether you’re hiking or creating, it pays to go past your comfort zone. When we’re given a brief, we love to take what’s in it and push it further and further. Because it’s only once we’ve seen the edges that we know where the best creative work is found.

Adapt to succeed

Have you ever gone on an adventure where you’ve known exactly how it’s going to turn out? Of course not. But that’s the fun and excitement. We think it’s the same way with video. We embrace challenges because they give us an opportunity to adapt. We’re always learning new techniques, embracing new ideas, and coming up with concepts we haven’t seen before.

There are San Francisco production companies for a myriad of needs, but if you want a like-minded video partner who’s helping shape the future, let’s chat.

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