Case Study

Cisco Meraki Hulu


Agency: BX Films
Executive Producer: Ben Sanders
Producer: Beau Walchek
Art Director: Myles Neith
DP: Phil Briggs
Gaffer: Jason Predock

BX Films and Cisco Meraki inject fun, humor into IT challenges.

BX Films and Cisco Meraki teamed up to make advanced IT security and setup look fun. That’s right. Fun. Because how the hell else do you grab people’s attention about new IT solutions?

In just three short spots, they cover IT office fails, an overzealous tech consultant (we all know the type), and a high-stakes office competition. Plus, one office worker gets a sunburn now that the IT team has so much more time on their hands. In their own way, they all showcase how Cisco Meraki makes IT work simple.

Behind the Scenes Photos