Case Study


UniGroup Brand Video Specs:

Video Type: UniGroup Logistics Brand Video
Agency: BX Films
Executive Producer: Ben Sanders
Producer: Vanessa Sanders
Art Director: N/A
DP: Trevor Hooper

UniGroup Brand Video Project Details

Imagine for a second you need to transport a large and complex, advanced cancer therapy machine across the country. It weighs 15,000 pounds yet has delicate parts that need a light touch when handling. The hospital receiving it needs it on a deadline and in perfect precision working order.


Who do you call? There are countless transportation companies, all promising on-time delivery and superior service. But the smart decision is to call UniGroup Logistics (UGL). 


UGL came to us needing a brand video to help them stand out amidst the sea of logistics companies. They don’t just move stuff. They’re a high-touch specialty mover with national reach that caters to specific verticals like healthcare, technology, and hospitality, among others, moving everything from intricate satellites to an entire hotel’s-worth of furniture. But not everybody knows about them or the value they provide. 


Sometimes to go big with a story you have to focus on the small. Rather than a 30,000 view of UGL’s vast network, or the wide span of capabilities they have, we told their story from the point of view of a single specialized truck driver. A driver who knows the value he, and by extension, the company, delivers for every customer. 


The DP for this project was our very own Trevor Hooper, whose sense of mood, style, and color bring this story alive in a distinctive, rich way. His thoughtfully crafted camera shots and edits weave a visually gorgeous story together, even a story about trucking and logistics.


The end result is a killer brand video for a brand doing killer work in their space. They are one of the many companies we work with who are literally moving the world forward. 

Behind the Scenes Photos